Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Upward Basketball Emphasis Sunday

It is our turn for the Upward basketball emphasis. This rotates between classes as a lead in to Upward and hopefully getting folks to volunteer to help. We will be watching a DVD testimony from the founder of Upward Sunday. See you then.

Also, bring your calendars so we can talk about the class Christmas Party.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Class Social Tonight- 9/18

See you at the Black Eye Pea restaurant in Hendersonville at 6:30. We have a reservation for 30 people, so get there a few minutes early so we can get seated on time. Miniature golf right behind the restaurant if you want to play after dinner. Rates are:

under 4 are free to play
4-10 years are $4.25
11 and up are $5.50
$1 to play a 2nd round of 18

I have a call into the owner, hoping to get a little more shaved off the price to play.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sunday Sept. 15th

Just a reminder from class Sunday, be ready to watch for opportunities to defend God's commands/plan at work and in the neighborhood. It is our responsibility to uphold politicians and others from distorting God's plan. We need to be active and voting for those that protect our right to worship and our religious freedoms.

Jeremy Tolbert wanted to pass along(he saw Ashley Smith out recently) he is attending Divorce Care program at Long Hollow Baptist but looks forward to returning once he completes his 10 week program.

Don't forget Demos at 6:30 and then off to putt-putt at Drakes Creek. Bring the kids or leave them at home, either is fine. And yes, I will bring my own putter with me Friday night. I can't play with those cheap things they hand you at the course.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Congrats to Ashley and Jennifer

Sorry I haven't posted in a while but what a great one to get started back with.........

Andrew "Andy" Jonathan Smith came into the world on 8/24 weighing a whopping 10 lbs and 4 ounces. Belated congratulations to Ashley, Jennifer and Maura.

See you Sunday.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday May 17th

Satan can take something small and make it big. Corruption in anything is bad. Use God's word and the Holy Spirit to help you know right from wrong. We can fall into the trap of justifying bad decisions without seeking God's help.

Prayer List:
David & Jennifer- at hospital delivering baby
Tim Hitt- dad with bleeding ulcer
Karen's cousin- baby Hannah has knot under arm, going to Vanderbilt for tests
Caleb West- heart doctor visit Thursday, pray continued healing on the heart
Isaac Austin- another seizure this week
Jennifer/Ashley- pregnancy coming along well
Brandon/Heather- visiting with us today

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday May 10th

Happy Mother's Day. We are blessed to have great mom's. Hopefully we can follow Hannah's example of returning praise to God when he answers our prayers.

Prayer Requests
* Russ and the nose bleeds
* Mrs. Bev and her tests
* Ross with praise Landon's jaw/face is doing well
* Debbie T.'s uncle who has cancer
* Karen- sub at school dealing with a family death
Praise her new meds are working
* Jennifer C.- doctor visit tomorrow, baby due soon
* Amy T.'s coworker- mom has cancer

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday April 26th

God's invitation is to all people. Even the ones we don't get along with, even the criminals, even the ones who seem impossible to reach. Our challenge is to carry an attitude of love and outreach to all, no matter how hard or hopeless the situation.

Prayer Requests:
Ross- friend Amanda's great-grandmother died
Aron- Health concerns, diabetes and other complications right now
Dealing with divorce situations
Traveling next weekend
Shelby doing okay with her legs
Karen- friend dealing with breast cancer
Chase & Heather- expecting another child, looking to sell house
Chase graduating next week
Jeff Davis- starting new chemotherapy by pill
Economy- praise for those who have work and those looking for work

Sunday, April 19, 2009

April 19th Class

We were a little down in attendance today, so for all those absent we pray everything is okay and you are back soon.

The Lord is at work as we discussed in class today. Even when tragedies occur we He has a purpose. Let us not question but boldy believe in God's control.

Ross- concerns over Landon and development of 1 side of his face. Prayers appreciated as he will be going back to doctor soon to re-evaluate, that it will correct itself as he grows.
J.C.- high school friend died from ALS this week
Keith- manager at work wife is having cancer surgery
Jamie Williams- hospital in Alabama with blood clots in lungs
David- lady at Logans met this week, praising God for what He has done(Evette). Taking on a middle school wrestling program at DCA next year
Jennifer- 3 weeks to go on the pregnancy
Caleb Pedigo- still having trouble with sleeping

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday!!!!!!!!!

He is alive!!!!!! We need to be ready to defend the resurrection and show thru our actions we serve a risen Lord.

Danny- Coworker accused of murder from years ago, Christian guy, dealing with that. Pray for Danny as he deals with situation
Ashley S. - aunt with cancer
Kelly McKnight- lupus/parkinson symptoms returning
Jeff Davis- test results either 4/16 or 4/19
Mark Geiger
Lora- dad had good procedure removing place from his back, went to church this week
Tornado victims in Murfreesboro
Karen- teachers dealing with T-CAPS
Isaac Austin- another seizure this week

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Notes from April 5th Class

Jesus' sacrifice can be hard to get our arms around at times. Hopefully our actions reflect a similar attitude of sacrifice, that we are willing to give to others and grant forgiveness for those who do us wrong. We can never thank God enough for the sacrifice of Jesus for our sins.

Prayer Requests
* Jeff Davis- test results on 4/14
* Morrow family- Reece's heart, procedures forthcoming, family adjusting
* Isaac Austin- continue improvement with seizures
* Carol's mother-in-law recovering from surgery
* Aron- Shelby doing well from surgery, off pain medication, returning from school
* Jennifer's dad(Wayne)- cholesterol levels went up
* Keith's boss has a wife with breast cancer
* Carol's friend lost her mother last week
* Jeannie's friend going thru tough times after divorce
* Pat Delange in loss of husband

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday March 29th

Hang in there!! God has a blessing for you and will pull you through all difficult situations. Ultimately we have to get to understanding God's direction for our life. Once we are there the tough situations will not be hard to us anymore.

Prayer Requests
Jeannie- General Hospital rotation
Pat Delange- loss of her husband
Dana & Jason- Reece(newborn) has heart issues and looking at a procedure
Ken- dealing with ALS
Amy T.- friend's child(2) facing open heart surgery, raising daughter
Delaschmidt family- son facing surgery for gunshot wounds
Michelle W. - career decision

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday March 22

We need to be in tune and seeking God's will in all that we do. We are so blessed that He is in control. Thanks for forgiveness as we get off course from time to time as well. What a great time of sharing today, thanks to all who spoke up in class.

Chase & Heather- selling their house
Aron- Shelby having surgery tomorrow, moving bones and stretching tendon inside her left leg
Aron & Danielle- schedule with girls, taking care of Shelby while she recuperates
PRAISE- Amanda Mundy got a job
Isaac Austin- another seizure today, but MRI revealed brain abnormality is not cancer(PRAISE) but where brain didn't completely grow as a child.
Angie & Brian Roberts- adjusting to new job in Huntsville, Brian will commute while girls finish school and Angie ties up everything
Continue to remember Mike & Kelly as they look for Mike's next job
Amy and Lora traveling this week
Jeff Davis waiting on test results

Sunday, March 15, 2009

March 15th Notes

The truth is being ignored around us all the time and it is our responsibility to hold to it and share with others. Also not to be so selfish and ignore when others help us as well.

Prayer List
Aron- Danielle and the girls as they adjust to parents situation
Thelma Waters family in her passing
Jeff D. and the test results
Aron- friends that have been visiting, hoping God leads them to join
Amy T- traveling this week, divorce situation
Kailee F.- doctors find out what is wrong
Keith P.- grandma passed away this week
boss' wife has cancer
Jeannie who is out sick

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday School March 8

Good lesson on honoring God today. Hopefully we can follow Isaiah's example in being willing to serve and go on God's behalf.

Andrea & Danny- nephew Isaac had another seizure at school Monday, he is now on medication and being very careful. Pray it stops the seizures.
Jeff Davis- biopsy moved to tomorrow at 2:00
Aron- friend having marital trouble, pray for Aron as he ministers to his friend
Mike-still looking for job, going to be laid off from Dupont
Jeannie- sister Amanda looking for work
Michelle- considering returning to school for nursing since laid off work
Nation/Economy/Job Situation

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday March 1 Class

Sorry to see so many out today. Hope everyone is back again in class soon. We had a good finish to the unit on getting a downpour of God's blessing. We had a good discussion on the Holy Spirit and it being the key to staying in tune with God. We also had a ton of prayer requests......

* Jeff Davis- the tumor is back on his brain and has grown since the last scan. There will be a biopsy Friday. Remember Mary and Katie also in your prayers.
* Keith's grandma is severely ill and now under hospice care
* Keith and Jana- good news on Kaleb's surgery, tubes/tonsils/adenoids removed with no major problems
* Andrea and Danny- Caleb looks to being doing better, the hole in his heart seems to be smaller improving.
* Jana P. - coworker has terminally ill kid, 8 year old named Jake.
* Tim- coworker lost his life while serving for National Guard in Iraq
* Aron- praised God he made it thru job cuts at work, he still has employment
* Andrea- Isaac Austin test after seizure showed small issue, looks like he will have to take medicine.
* Andrea- Brian Roberts(her brother) having serious interviews for another job, this one in Houston.
* Ross-contemplating career change, seeking God's guidance

Check Out Rafael on Channel 5 News

Rafael's latest TV appearance........


Sunday, February 15, 2009

February 15th Class

Thanks to Amy for a great breakfast.

Today's lesson taught us that God's grace is awesome and should allow us to move past the guilt of sin to serve Him in a greater capacity. If you got something in your life that you are having trouble getting past, remember Jesus came to the cross to give you victory over all sin.

Bro. Ralph Hurst- loss of his dad
Emily H.- strep throat again, pray she gets better
Aaron D. - getting checked out for strep
Karen N.- a lot of sickness and some deaths with faculty at her school
Aron- PRAISE- family here for Upward now going to attend church

Sunday, February 8, 2009

February 8, 2009

Thank God for repentance. Let's hope we are able to put some things in perspective this week, pray for God's forgiveness and stop doing those things that separate us from God.

Aaron had a praise someone was baptized recently
Dave and Jennifer - prayer for Dave's dad and his health
Isaac Austin- CAT scan normal, other tests coming regarding seizure
Ross- family members traveling
Sam Young- hospital with heart issues
Jennifer-still feeling good with pregnancy, due date May 10th
Keith- grandma still not feeling her best
Jeff Davis- continued prayer for his health
Mike & Michelle- folks without jobs, looking for work, economy
People in Kentucky recovering from ice storm and weather

Sunday, February 1, 2009

February 1st Class

Thanks to all who made it to class this week and thinking of those who couldn't make it. I pray you get a chance to review the lesson material and pray how God can help you overcome the sin in your life just as I need to.

Prayer Requests for the Week

Isaac Austin- suffered a siezure at Upward basketball on Saturday but is at church today. He is doing well with tests to follow to see what caused it

Gloria Price- her mom passed away this week

Kendall co-workers' husbands lost their jobs this week

Debbie Tolbert- co-worker dealing with issues from her childhood

Danny's boss- Dave cut his hands and fingers with table saw over holidays, complications

Keith- grandmom fell and needs special care but refusing

friend Randy Page has brain tumor, not cancerous is good news, going thru a lot

Nation and the Economy

Hargrove's as they visit Russ' class today and they find a class home that best fits them

Sunday, January 25, 2009

January 25th

Thanks to Kendall for filling in and teaching today. We had a great lesson and his preparation showed in his leading this week. I hope you were touched and really think this week about God's holiness and if your life and actions measure up to what God deserves in terms of your actions and respect.

Prayer Requests for the Week
Mike Douglas- layoffs at Dupont, Mike has been given 2 months notice on his job
Jeannie Swafford- looks like has the flu
Rose family- loss of James Rose this week
Debbie Foster- her dad and his work situation
Michelle Wilkinson- laid off from her construction company job
The economy and nation in general
The Hargroves(visitors this week) that they find a church home and Sunday School class