Sunday, April 19, 2009

April 19th Class

We were a little down in attendance today, so for all those absent we pray everything is okay and you are back soon.

The Lord is at work as we discussed in class today. Even when tragedies occur we He has a purpose. Let us not question but boldy believe in God's control.

Ross- concerns over Landon and development of 1 side of his face. Prayers appreciated as he will be going back to doctor soon to re-evaluate, that it will correct itself as he grows.
J.C.- high school friend died from ALS this week
Keith- manager at work wife is having cancer surgery
Jamie Williams- hospital in Alabama with blood clots in lungs
David- lady at Logans met this week, praising God for what He has done(Evette). Taking on a middle school wrestling program at DCA next year
Jennifer- 3 weeks to go on the pregnancy
Caleb Pedigo- still having trouble with sleeping

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