Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday April 26th

God's invitation is to all people. Even the ones we don't get along with, even the criminals, even the ones who seem impossible to reach. Our challenge is to carry an attitude of love and outreach to all, no matter how hard or hopeless the situation.

Prayer Requests:
Ross- friend Amanda's great-grandmother died
Aron- Health concerns, diabetes and other complications right now
Dealing with divorce situations
Traveling next weekend
Shelby doing okay with her legs
Karen- friend dealing with breast cancer
Chase & Heather- expecting another child, looking to sell house
Chase graduating next week
Jeff Davis- starting new chemotherapy by pill
Economy- praise for those who have work and those looking for work

Sunday, April 19, 2009

April 19th Class

We were a little down in attendance today, so for all those absent we pray everything is okay and you are back soon.

The Lord is at work as we discussed in class today. Even when tragedies occur we He has a purpose. Let us not question but boldy believe in God's control.

Ross- concerns over Landon and development of 1 side of his face. Prayers appreciated as he will be going back to doctor soon to re-evaluate, that it will correct itself as he grows.
J.C.- high school friend died from ALS this week
Keith- manager at work wife is having cancer surgery
Jamie Williams- hospital in Alabama with blood clots in lungs
David- lady at Logans met this week, praising God for what He has done(Evette). Taking on a middle school wrestling program at DCA next year
Jennifer- 3 weeks to go on the pregnancy
Caleb Pedigo- still having trouble with sleeping

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday!!!!!!!!!

He is alive!!!!!! We need to be ready to defend the resurrection and show thru our actions we serve a risen Lord.

Danny- Coworker accused of murder from years ago, Christian guy, dealing with that. Pray for Danny as he deals with situation
Ashley S. - aunt with cancer
Kelly McKnight- lupus/parkinson symptoms returning
Jeff Davis- test results either 4/16 or 4/19
Mark Geiger
Lora- dad had good procedure removing place from his back, went to church this week
Tornado victims in Murfreesboro
Karen- teachers dealing with T-CAPS
Isaac Austin- another seizure this week

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Notes from April 5th Class

Jesus' sacrifice can be hard to get our arms around at times. Hopefully our actions reflect a similar attitude of sacrifice, that we are willing to give to others and grant forgiveness for those who do us wrong. We can never thank God enough for the sacrifice of Jesus for our sins.

Prayer Requests
* Jeff Davis- test results on 4/14
* Morrow family- Reece's heart, procedures forthcoming, family adjusting
* Isaac Austin- continue improvement with seizures
* Carol's mother-in-law recovering from surgery
* Aron- Shelby doing well from surgery, off pain medication, returning from school
* Jennifer's dad(Wayne)- cholesterol levels went up
* Keith's boss has a wife with breast cancer
* Carol's friend lost her mother last week
* Jeannie's friend going thru tough times after divorce
* Pat Delange in loss of husband