Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sunday Sept. 15th

Just a reminder from class Sunday, be ready to watch for opportunities to defend God's commands/plan at work and in the neighborhood. It is our responsibility to uphold politicians and others from distorting God's plan. We need to be active and voting for those that protect our right to worship and our religious freedoms.

Jeremy Tolbert wanted to pass along(he saw Ashley Smith out recently) he is attending Divorce Care program at Long Hollow Baptist but looks forward to returning once he completes his 10 week program.

Don't forget Demos at 6:30 and then off to putt-putt at Drakes Creek. Bring the kids or leave them at home, either is fine. And yes, I will bring my own putter with me Friday night. I can't play with those cheap things they hand you at the course.

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