Sunday, February 15, 2009

February 15th Class

Thanks to Amy for a great breakfast.

Today's lesson taught us that God's grace is awesome and should allow us to move past the guilt of sin to serve Him in a greater capacity. If you got something in your life that you are having trouble getting past, remember Jesus came to the cross to give you victory over all sin.

Bro. Ralph Hurst- loss of his dad
Emily H.- strep throat again, pray she gets better
Aaron D. - getting checked out for strep
Karen N.- a lot of sickness and some deaths with faculty at her school
Aron- PRAISE- family here for Upward now going to attend church

Sunday, February 8, 2009

February 8, 2009

Thank God for repentance. Let's hope we are able to put some things in perspective this week, pray for God's forgiveness and stop doing those things that separate us from God.

Aaron had a praise someone was baptized recently
Dave and Jennifer - prayer for Dave's dad and his health
Isaac Austin- CAT scan normal, other tests coming regarding seizure
Ross- family members traveling
Sam Young- hospital with heart issues
Jennifer-still feeling good with pregnancy, due date May 10th
Keith- grandma still not feeling her best
Jeff Davis- continued prayer for his health
Mike & Michelle- folks without jobs, looking for work, economy
People in Kentucky recovering from ice storm and weather

Sunday, February 1, 2009

February 1st Class

Thanks to all who made it to class this week and thinking of those who couldn't make it. I pray you get a chance to review the lesson material and pray how God can help you overcome the sin in your life just as I need to.

Prayer Requests for the Week

Isaac Austin- suffered a siezure at Upward basketball on Saturday but is at church today. He is doing well with tests to follow to see what caused it

Gloria Price- her mom passed away this week

Kendall co-workers' husbands lost their jobs this week

Debbie Tolbert- co-worker dealing with issues from her childhood

Danny's boss- Dave cut his hands and fingers with table saw over holidays, complications

Keith- grandmom fell and needs special care but refusing

friend Randy Page has brain tumor, not cancerous is good news, going thru a lot

Nation and the Economy

Hargrove's as they visit Russ' class today and they find a class home that best fits them