Sunday, April 5, 2009

Notes from April 5th Class

Jesus' sacrifice can be hard to get our arms around at times. Hopefully our actions reflect a similar attitude of sacrifice, that we are willing to give to others and grant forgiveness for those who do us wrong. We can never thank God enough for the sacrifice of Jesus for our sins.

Prayer Requests
* Jeff Davis- test results on 4/14
* Morrow family- Reece's heart, procedures forthcoming, family adjusting
* Isaac Austin- continue improvement with seizures
* Carol's mother-in-law recovering from surgery
* Aron- Shelby doing well from surgery, off pain medication, returning from school
* Jennifer's dad(Wayne)- cholesterol levels went up
* Keith's boss has a wife with breast cancer
* Carol's friend lost her mother last week
* Jeannie's friend going thru tough times after divorce
* Pat Delange in loss of husband

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