Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday May 17th

Satan can take something small and make it big. Corruption in anything is bad. Use God's word and the Holy Spirit to help you know right from wrong. We can fall into the trap of justifying bad decisions without seeking God's help.

Prayer List:
David & Jennifer- at hospital delivering baby
Tim Hitt- dad with bleeding ulcer
Karen's cousin- baby Hannah has knot under arm, going to Vanderbilt for tests
Caleb West- heart doctor visit Thursday, pray continued healing on the heart
Isaac Austin- another seizure this week
Jennifer/Ashley- pregnancy coming along well
Brandon/Heather- visiting with us today

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday May 10th

Happy Mother's Day. We are blessed to have great mom's. Hopefully we can follow Hannah's example of returning praise to God when he answers our prayers.

Prayer Requests
* Russ and the nose bleeds
* Mrs. Bev and her tests
* Ross with praise Landon's jaw/face is doing well
* Debbie T.'s uncle who has cancer
* Karen- sub at school dealing with a family death
Praise her new meds are working
* Jennifer C.- doctor visit tomorrow, baby due soon
* Amy T.'s coworker- mom has cancer