Thursday, February 4, 2010

Upcoming Events in Class

Please see Jeannie's info below and give us a call if there are any problems. 855-0823 is our home number. Also pass this along to others in class if you see or speak to them. The snow messed us up last week but we can catch this up. Got a lot going on in class and that is good. See you Sunday.

1. We are having Andrea West's shower this Sunday. Please let me know what you can bring for food. We are doing breakfast items. I asked Andrea what she needed and she said, she needs outfits, size 1 or 2 diaper, bottles (any kind), no onesies (she has plenty). She is registered at Babies R Us.

2. We are bringing the food we signed up for Debbie Tolbert this Sunday. Jennifer can you and Ashley still take this to her? Let me know if you can't bring the food you originally signed up for.

3. Finally we need to bring the $125.00 as a deposit for Gatlinburg. The trip is scheduled for Nov. 12-14.

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