Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sunday plans

Got some new email addresses added and here is what people are bringing for Debbie Tolbert and the West baby shower. In case you change your mind or need to do something different, you have an idea what everyone is bringing. Also you can look at the previous post to see what gift ideas you can bring for the shower. Andrea is registered at Babies-R-Us. Jeannie has all the decorations covered. Give us a call if you have any questions. 855-0823

Tolbert Lunch- Douglas/green beans, Sanders/drinks, Coffman/potatoes, Neal/cheesebread, Adkins/dessert, Smith/mac & cheese, Swafford/chicken casserole, Pedigo/surprise

West Breakfast- Douglas/donuts, Sanders/ham, biscuits, juice, Coffman/sausage bread? Neal/cinnamon something? Adkins/cake, Smith/fruit, Pedigo/surprise

My question marks are because Kristi Sanders couldn't remember exactly what Jill and Karen were bringing but I do know they are bringing something.

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